Burnout: The Disease of Our Civilization


This article highlights the point of why I chose to fight back in the BOA matter.

Our lives consist of so much more than merely treading a hampster wheel, as the speed is increased.

“20 % higher sales target this year” were being announced each year. Adding up over the years, was a greater concern to me than inflation.

For when you really think about it, isn’t that what these arrogant CEO’s were doing? Inflating the costs to workers keeping their jobs by raising sacrifices to their health, families, balance, and overall quality of life.

Would they expect a team Quarterback to make 20% more touchdowns each year? Or a batter to hit 20% more home run balls each year/ Of course not. The very idea is ludicrous.

I didn’t get into battle with BOA over a dinky little piece of dirt in Williston, Florida. I believed then, and still do, that the American people work hard to provide a better life for themselves and their families. Independent of being forced to rely on fellow taxpayers, who may not (yet) have succumbed to the end of the burnout cycle. Death or illness.

By demanding more profits, and share growth at the expense of worker health, customer thefts, political manipulation, and total contempt for rule of law, I could not turn a blind eye and walk away.

Nor would have Frank Crawford allowed it. Many times I did’nt merely want to walk away, but to run away from the grim realities we were discovering, and confronting.

Once we realized it was metastatising from a few arrogant scofflaws to completely corrupt and out of control outlaws, we were engaged.

Franks advanced age, the best he could do was try to sharpen the battle sword, as I would stagger into the condo guest room and collapse in an exhausted sleep.

Cowards and courageous began to unite, we called our little rag tag group CRABAPL’s. For *Citizens Resistance Against Banks Abusing Protection Laws*

The website, as well as much American History of those days, was lost to removal of geocities.com websites. Archival restoration projects are working to reclaim some of it.

Yet the point of this blog is not about retrieval of data that didn’t move in time. It is about Companies, Regulators, Legislators, Media, Judicial and Citizens that did not.

This article by the Huffington Post describes their experience of a major paradigm shift.

Let us hope anti-inflationists for greater quality of Life Currency (life, liberty, pursuit of happiness)  will triumph.

This will require deep thought on all of our parts. If we must forsake longstanding prejudices, habits, or mere envy lust and greed so be it.

Otherwise pro-inflationists of Life currency (profiteering from death, enslavement, misery) will prevail.

You may end up in a fancier car, but the debt ridden family may have to bury you in it. Without funds for a proper funeral, or loan qualification to wait out probate.

– Barbara Cochlin


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