This was published over 12 years ago. March of 2002 clearly defined Both the Problem AND The Solution.

Apparently, Enough was NOT Enough. 3,000 *more* families in Detroit having their water cut off. Every week!

People suicided in an epidemic of anguish over losing their retirement, homes, businesses.

And still our Government pursues the ***You Fraud ‘Em, We Fine You & Soak Taxpayers for 85 Billion a Month Scam***

Maybe tapered to 65 billion, who cares 500 more people a day in (1) one town alone can’t flush a toilet.

Or hoardes of former middle class are sleeping in their cars? So long as CEO’s can slink off with 83 million (stocks were so low probably trippled by now) just fine $10 million & stick the shareholders with their bill.

Toss a few million at charity & abracadabra they are clean hands.

Toss a few firebrand speeches villifying your political opponents & the masses rush to embrace, pay big bucks to hear more, wait in line hours to get a glimpse.

How utterly pathetic. From the war of 1998 when seniors were ripped off & the bankers did their own pic of capture (using Iwo Jima theme) in a revolting display of monomaniac victory celebration.
To right on through daily headlines, the honeymoon seems not to have slacked a bit.

Beyond public displays of affection, it is an even greater lust for bigger frauds, bigger fines, bigger burdens on the captives.

The silent coup, never was quiet. Only those in a position to prevent and later stop, chose selective memories. Willfull blindness. Purposely & profitably deaf.

Am I just being negative, trying to throw cold water of pessimism on our “recovery”?

No. I believe the road to prosperity and true freedom, real justice, and the end to this artificially created civil unrest and poverty is about as positive a road one could aim for.

For that, it is going to take a whole lot of people deserting the war of lies. And uniting to not save democracy, as the post study below states, that’s already gone. Replaced by oligarchy.

Now it’s time for the truth. Time to hold miscreants accountable.

Then again, maybe Enough is still Not Enough. We can’t fix a toxic mess by denying how it happened.

We can’t fix it, by denying it did happen. We can’t fix it by name calling, fighting, and hating each other more than we love our families futures that are on the line if we don’t get a grip.

Fraud & Fine doesn’t work. Fraud & Jail does. We need a chilling effect on this Bonfire of Vanity. Before we all get the water shut off, throw some cold water on these filthy pirates & throw em in the brigg.

      Anything less is collusion.
Mull that one over your Bourbon or latte. When IS enough already?

     When your beloved pet is
put down because you can’t afford your own groceries and rescue shelters are closed because can’t afford the water? When people jump the fences & kill for your well?

Not going to happen in America right? Go in the wrong zip code after dark. It already is happening.

  Because Enough is Not Enough.

– Barbara Cochlin


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