Why the US Chamber of Commerce Is Wrong on Citizens United


Back in the days when the “Too Big to Fail” Banks were marching to power, seems the U.S. Chamber often assisted in litigation. A few of the media interviews were a bit disturbing with leadership, one head referring to taking “scalps” in the skirmishes. As has been widely determined and reported, the banks almost put the whole country “out of business”.

America even failed criteria to rate as a Democracy or even Republic in a study by Princeton and Northwestern Universities. We met the criteria though for an Oligarchy.

Americans understand this (well at least 73% according to this article) and are sick and tired of dark money pools disrupting the political process.

Back when the Great Economic Recession was preventable, 47 State Attorney Generals signed a joint letter to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) in concern of the power the banks were amassing. They were not allowed to “interfere” with National Banks by passing legislation and attempting to investigate or prosecute. This was also signed by the Attorney Generals of D.C. and Puerto Rico. The U.S. Chamber thought and fought otherwise, with disastrous consequences. Not only for the American people but a bloodbath for businesses.

Again, with pressure from the FBI as well as State Attorney Generals, The Congressional House Financial Services Committee wrote a desperate plea that the OCC take action. This too was rebuffed, and again one has to wonder, if the U.S. Chamber of Commerce wasn’t against their too big to fail policies then why should they be alarmed?

This seems to smack of organizational feather bedding and cronyism. Rather than be alarmed at the power grab of the oligopolies, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce seems to be doing everything within their power to assure it.

Just as Walgreens was strong armed to move headquarters and skip out on a share of taxes, they resisted in loyalty to their customers, American businessmen and businesswomen should also tell the U.S. Chamber to shape up or they will ship out and regroup with leadership they can trust.

Because for the majority of American businesses, they are trying to recover from the last huge blow. Another disaster created by assistance from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce may sink them for good.

– Barbara Cochlin


Billy the Greek

It was time for him to go. No more free gourmet coffee.

“This is it! he said.

“Good luck. Sorry what they did to your economy man.” I shook his hand.

“Don’t worry. Nobody wants to see America fall” he answered.

“Really? Because I know 3 of them that will let the whole world go ‘Planet of the Apes’ before they ever fess up.”

” No way in H.E.Double L.” he laughed.

And then he was gone.

A grandma with disabled family bought his place. One morning the ceiling fell in on them as they slept and they ran out screaming into the street.

“H.E. Double L’s Bells” I mumbled to myself. “Hope he’s a better economist than he is roofer.”

– Barbara Cochlin

The Nobility of Fighting for Freedom | Switch and Shift


If our 1% are Noble to fight for freedom and 1% have usurped Democracy, we the remaining 98% need to get busy. Time is of the essence.

We need to get control of our Country back from the oligarchy. Apathy put us on the ropes, Action will give us a fighting chance.

It is time to plant ourselves firmly and push back. Together. Our people have bled, sweated, died, cried, and fought for the quality of life we have. We owe it to them, ourselves, and future generations to unite and fix our problems.

The Washington and Wall Street that didn’t see this Financial Crisis coming, needs to see we are tired of being handed the fuzzy side of the lollipop after it’s been dropped in the dirt. 

We have a lot to do. But if 2% can make such a difference, imagine what 98% can do!

God Bless the U.S.A.

– Barbara Cochlin

Time Is Running Out Quickly

Check out @Barbara_Cochlin’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/Barbara_Cochlin/status/391679711807418368

“Democracy v Big Business
Squashing the Little People?”

Well apparently, our battle was lost in the War of 1998. The rest fell by 2008. And they are still squealing like constipated feral hogs they should keep their too big to fail, too big to prosecute privileges?

Even after the Princeton & Northwestern study concluded America is no longer a democracy but an oligarchy?

When will *enough be enough* to get the rose colored glasses off their high & mighty noses looking down at you from their Ivory Towers?

Bankrupting a nation will not leave too many dollars on the table to play in this casino.

This was and is a serious matter. Did you write your Congressional & Senate leaders to complain? Use a forever stamp, the Post Office needs the cash. The emails make it too easy to auto respond.

Let them know you are not going to be swayed by their pac ads & slick glossy flyers, you want their position papers & bills to study.

They do not, and will not read those bills. You are going to have to get local bipartisan committees to do it, and summarize reports.

You don’t have time? Well if we get bit for another 18 years, out of a 40 year career, that will leave us with *4*. The rest will be snatched up for pennies on the dollar. Again.

Like the lady asked at the campaign fund raiser,  “Don’t these people read?!?”

Well the only way now to get democracy back from the oligopolies, we better read till it hurts. Sure you may miss *your programs*, but you will miss *your freedom and money* worse!

The time for going down & buying war bonds is over, now, we are going to have to start doing some serious heavy lifting at the kitchen table. Not on the comfy couch with that lightweight remote.

They’re betting you won’t. So far, they’ve won. Don’t throw your duty on the 1% military. They are doing their part. Now we the 98% better do ours.

– Barbara Cochlin

Bulls, Bears, Hogs & Snakes

Check out @Barbara_Cochlin’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/Barbara_Cochlin/status/391680425615060992 Been singing the same mournful tune for 17 years!! And if the Feds had cracked the whip as urged by Fortune Magazine in March 2002, I could have been singing a happy tune! Right along with tens of millions of other Americans.

This wasn’t bulls and bears, it was viscous feral hogs guarding the boas to constrict and squeeze **18 years ** of work from average middle class Americans.

Unhampered by laws that were already on the books!!

– Barbara Cochlin

Fed Survey: A Third of Americans Say They’re Worse Off Post-Recession – WSJ


First this :
“Considering that respondents were asked to compare their incomes to 2008, during the depths of the recession, ‘the fact that over two-thirds of respondents reported being the same or worse off financially highlights the uneven nature of the recovery’ the Fed report said.”

And then this :
” Less than 40% said they were ‘just getting by’ or otherwise struggling.”

And finally :
” Five years after the start of the recession, ‘a small, but significant, core of respondents continues to experience economic hardship on multiple dimensions ‘ the Fed report said.”

How can **two-thirds**, then less than 40%, be by any stretch of the imagination referred to as “small” when the comparison is to the darkest days in this financial disaster?

I detect a bit of perfume squirted on rotten eggs here. It really doesn’t mask very well! At all. Crack a window someone, because  this stinks.

– Barbara Cochlin