Big Banks Still a Risk –

The size did not bother me as much as the lawlessness. In the “good old days”, when any company crossed the line it was headline news.

This unbrave new world, a bank can amass a rap sheet as long as your arm. And nobody goes to jail. The worst things happen and they lawyer up, batten down the hatches and ride out the “15 minutes of fame” scandal, then it’s back to sailing the high seas. Plunder intact.

We used to tell folks that were faced with insurmountable problems they were “snakebit”.

Yes, yes, I know. Any business obstacle can be overcome by hard work, persistence, and a never give up positive attitude.

So say the experts. Reality is, you keep playing with fire, you will get burned. My message at least has been consistent. From 1999 I kept saying they would not be sorry for doing bad things if they were caught, only sorry if they were caught in a public revolt.

Well the catching, and the revolting both seem to be over. And as I asked also “Who will suffer if they are brought to task?”, that too remains unchanged.

√ Employees
√ Shareholders
√ Customers
√ Suppliers
√ Taxpayers

the list goes on except for the individuals that knocked down the big money, and knew full well the company had crossed the line.

Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization. Ricoville used to be considered an undesirable neighborhood. These days it seems to have become the prime, coveted, desirable neighborhood.

A true Pirates Cove that is the only safe harbor for scofflaws turned outlaws. Too Big to Fail. Too Big to Prosecute. Too Immortal to even die. Small wonder they are in no hurry to prepare a sensible will. They have been treated as gods for so long, feet of clay is not allowed entry into this exclusive realm.

That’s for those weak sissies that went by the book, and were eaten alive. Viva la  *Bad to the bone* hombres!! Only the strong survive, by hook or by crook. Only the good, it would seem died young. And sadly enough, for many, the only will those puny little bankers had was to provide a fair and decent deal for all the stakeholders.

How quaint. Perhaps they just didn’t have the will to work hard enough. Or the stones to “cross the line” ?

– Barbara Cochlin


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