Inequality Is Damaging the U.S. Economy, S&P Study Says – WSJ From the report

” Between 2007 and 2010, the average U.S. household lost 39.6%, or about 18 years’ worth, of their net wealth in the three years when the recession started in 2007 to the early recovery in 2010. The middle class lost over 40% of their wealth in just three years, while the top 10% of income earners actually accumulated an additional 2% to their wealth. ”

It would have been a lot less painful if they had just stolen everybody’s car in the driveway!

Instead of forcing an extra 18 years worth of hard labor to recover. Heartbreaking, because if we hadn’t lost the war of 1998, this would never have happened.

The Man with Americas money said he wasn’t waiting on bureaucrats, that he used “his own troops” armed with his “enemies list”. That they were taking the Nation like “Huns or Mongols” to “burn their icons”. To “carry away your firstborn”.

And if this blood curdling  economic experiment failed, it would be fine because “we will be long gone by then.”

Well it certainly is *not* fine! It is tragic.

– Barbara Cochlin


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