Time Is Running Out Quickly

Check out @Barbara_Cochlin’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/Barbara_Cochlin/status/391679711807418368

“Democracy v Big Business
Squashing the Little People?”

Well apparently, our battle was lost in the War of 1998. The rest fell by 2008. And they are still squealing like constipated feral hogs they should keep their too big to fail, too big to prosecute privileges?

Even after the Princeton & Northwestern study concluded America is no longer a democracy but an oligarchy?

When will *enough be enough* to get the rose colored glasses off their high & mighty noses looking down at you from their Ivory Towers?

Bankrupting a nation will not leave too many dollars on the table to play in this casino.

This was and is a serious matter. Did you write your Congressional & Senate leaders to complain? Use a forever stamp, the Post Office needs the cash. The emails make it too easy to auto respond.

Let them know you are not going to be swayed by their pac ads & slick glossy flyers, you want their position papers & bills to study.

They do not, and will not read those bills. You are going to have to get local bipartisan committees to do it, and summarize reports.

You don’t have time? Well if we get bit for another 18 years, out of a 40 year career, that will leave us with *4*. The rest will be snatched up for pennies on the dollar. Again.

Like the lady asked at the campaign fund raiser,  “Don’t these people read?!?”

Well the only way now to get democracy back from the oligopolies, we better read till it hurts. Sure you may miss *your programs*, but you will miss *your freedom and money* worse!

The time for going down & buying war bonds is over, now, we are going to have to start doing some serious heavy lifting at the kitchen table. Not on the comfy couch with that lightweight remote.

They’re betting you won’t. So far, they’ve won. Don’t throw your duty on the 1% military. They are doing their part. Now we the 98% better do ours.

– Barbara Cochlin


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