Bank of America’s Penalty Misses the Point – Bloomberg View

The point is the War of 1998 was clearly detailed. It was called a military campaign in a book by McColl The Man with Americas Money.

For all of the compassion of Bill Gates for children of other nations, by endorsing that book, a MacDonald’s in a neighbouring county is trying to raise back-to-school basic supplies for *2,600* homeless children.

Our church was collecting winter jackets for 400 cold and homeless children in our county. As local businessmen were collecting suitcases for children streaming into State Care with only a plastic grocery bag for carrying their belongings.

Tyranny? It is illegal to use your own troops, on American soil, to attack whistleblowers, their families, associates and witnesses.

That is THE point of having a government for National Security. To keep us safe, to not deliberately turn a blind eye on rampant, organized wickedness.

Still they soar in private jets, relax on private yachts, dispensing checks to their personal and elite friends favorite charities.

Ill gotten gain from reverse Robin Hood schemes, that make Madoff look like a clumsy school boy.

This victory is hollow. QE spent 85 billion *a month* mopping up toxic messes. As families are forced to live in their cars to avoid being split apart, (and daddy probably in jail for back support payments when he became jobless) or dark houses without power or water.

Pardon me for not breaking out the champagne glasses for this news. It triggers a kaleidoscope of painful faces with scared eyes in my memories. Not celebration images.

– Barbara Cochlin


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