Fed Survey: A Third of Americans Say They’re Worse Off Post-Recession – WSJ


First this :
“Considering that respondents were asked to compare their incomes to 2008, during the depths of the recession, ‘the fact that over two-thirds of respondents reported being the same or worse off financially highlights the uneven nature of the recovery’ the Fed report said.”

And then this :
” Less than 40% said they were ‘just getting by’ or otherwise struggling.”

And finally :
” Five years after the start of the recession, ‘a small, but significant, core of respondents continues to experience economic hardship on multiple dimensions ‘ the Fed report said.”

How can **two-thirds**, then less than 40%, be by any stretch of the imagination referred to as “small” when the comparison is to the darkest days in this financial disaster?

I detect a bit of perfume squirted on rotten eggs here. It really doesn’t mask very well! At all. Crack a window someone, because  this stinks.

– Barbara Cochlin


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