The Nobility of Fighting for Freedom | Switch and Shift

If our 1% are Noble to fight for freedom and 1% have usurped Democracy, we the remaining 98% need to get busy. Time is of the essence.

We need to get control of our Country back from the oligarchy. Apathy put us on the ropes, Action will give us a fighting chance.

It is time to plant ourselves firmly and push back. Together. Our people have bled, sweated, died, cried, and fought for the quality of life we have. We owe it to them, ourselves, and future generations to unite and fix our problems.

The Washington and Wall Street that didn’t see this Financial Crisis coming, needs to see we are tired of being handed the fuzzy side of the lollipop after it’s been dropped in the dirt. 

We have a lot to do. But if 2% can make such a difference, imagine what 98% can do!

God Bless the U.S.A.

– Barbara Cochlin


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