Flasbacks: Dreams & Nightmares

Marcy Kaptur, Ohio, in action!


This clip reminds me of the John Lennon song “Imagine”.

Can you imagine how different America would be if Marcy Kaptur had been the Attorney General the last three Presidential Administrations?

She would have demanded “Nip it in the Bud!” like Barney Fife always urged Sheriff Andy to do in Mayberry.

I remember working on these things in 1999 & 2000. Due to homelessness (that I chose to work on the bank fraud), I often used a Swiss friends computer. One day he demanded I sit down and show him what was going on.

At the end of his presention I gave to him, he slapped his head, hung his head, and growled ferociously “Ahhhh! No Judge in All of Europe would let them get away with this!!!”

Maybe not. But Europe, as did a lot of the rest of the world had to pay a price.

Hank Paulson in the videos “The Men Who Crashed the World” continued to tell world leaders we had no idea a bank failure in New York would set the earth on a collision course with economic pain and suffering.

Really? Because I remember a Swiss National with tears in his eyes, praying we could stop the bad guys back one dreadful summer afternoon in 1999.

For sure McColl, The Man With Americas Money (the book is available on Amazon) knew. He spelled out every little detail in his 1999 book of his grand experiment. McColl, Ken Lewis, Alex Sink, these three did everything possible to ambush Florida, D.C. and Wall Street. He said if the experiment failed they would be long gone by the time the world found out.

Too bad, because they did slink off Scott free. Too bad the 4 part series “The Men Who Crashed the World” didn’t expose what a Swiss man knew in 1999. Too bad God did not see fit to make Marcy Kaptur Attorney General of the United States instead of an Ohio Congresswoman. Too bad the Swiss man had to leave town for surgery.

Too bad Attorney General Eric Holder passed out “get out of jail free cards” to the crooks. Too bad *Nobody* saw 9 million American senior citizens going hungry, and 1 million American homeless school children crying they wanted to go home at night.

Yep. It is all too bad. But onetime, I slept in a tiny cold bathtub listening to the song “Imagine” in my mind. I used it as a lullaby. The nightmare I was living, and later Hank Paulson and the world, could not be happening.

Martin Luther King had a dream. So did billions of people across the world. And too bad, this type of exchange, was not it.

May God Bless the U.S.A., and peoples of the world in fear, pain, and suffering. May He judge the liars that have fed this meltdown, with all the wrath of an outraged Marcy Kaptur and more.



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