To the Victors Go the Spoils. The War of 1998.


This website replaced the one that was up in 1999. The forerunner featured one case of bank fraud. Their side of the story and my side.

Law enforcement had to yield by March of 2002. It became far too dangerous, and Florida had already involved National politicians that were promising to contain an epidemic that had reached “epic proportions”.

In his book entitled McColl, the Man with Americas Money that was endorsed by Bill Gates, General Chuck Yeager, and Former President George Bush, McColl detailed his battle with the State of Florida in 1998.

Charlotte banker Hugh McColl describes how planeloads of attorneys tried to keep him out of Florida. He describes his contempt for rule of law, Washington and Wall Street, and said He could break any nation that dared to oppose or challenge his power.

Through employing private troops to silence whistleblowers, an enemies list, and what he said was an inherited mental illness that made him the most feared and aggressive predator in the world, his lethal campaign of fear had paid off. He said his paranoia had enslaved him and robbed him of his freedom. Rather than recant, he decided to retire a mere few doors down to supervise the protege he entrusted with his coveted enemies list.

McColl said as a Southerner, he never went against the wishes of his father. He wanted to be a farmer. But his dad made a few calls to North Carolina banking connections instead telling him, “You are too stupid to be a farmer.”

As his power amassed and he realized the key to success in stealing a march on the world was in Florida, and especially a woman whose charm and good looks would take South American men “by surprise”, McColl liked to unwind by drinking “stingers” with his feared troops.

Floridians were taken by surprise in the War of 1998. Americans were stung by a tyrant that said peace was repulsive to him and he had no intention of growing old gracefully. It is sad that in the (you tube) special “Meltdown : The Men Who Crashed the World”, not a peep was uttered by The Man With Americas Money who claimed to have stolen a March on the global economy in 1999. The suffering people of America, and throughout the world should at least be entitled to ask favors as he freely accesses the White House still.

For it is far too late to change the history of his father choosing banking instead of farming, or his Letter to the Editor pleading for Americans to elect Senator Barak Obama and save the nations financial future.

It is too late to reign in the banks that were led to hold Americas economy hostage. It is not too late to ask The Man With Americas Money why he crashed the world with a flawed business model to “burn your icons” and “carry away your firstborn”.

Or why his Presidential plan to restore American icons after destruction in his crematorium of political fire, never quite magically happened.

Though don’t expect the Truth. He claims “The Mind of the South is tell a Beautiful lie, over and over again until everyone believes it is true.” Then, blame everything on Washington and Wall Street.

Surely, The Man With Americas Money has failed the fame he so desperately courted in 1999. Surely he will relish explaining, why he threw it in the fire. And why the future of American youth captured on the Florida battlefield in his War of 1998, might be released.

The answer may be as obfuscated as an Eric Holders speech on why prosecutorial discretion was abdicated for Too Big to Jail Banketeering hijinks.


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