My Political Rant

According to the University study this spring, what the voters do or say hovers between “statistically insignificant” & “to near zero”, so I am not investing in cleaning this up editorially.

It is an off the cuff rant that will be as effective as the proverbial teaspoon of water on a brush fire. We are in global scorched earth territory, and the arsonists have grown more, not less powerful. I was taught as a career professional that one shouldn’t be venting one’s spleen in public.

I was also taught criminals were never above the law from the common, to blue or even white collar. Both teachings have failed in our precious Nation, so I just haul off & vent my frustration anyway. People pleasing is near zero effect in my motivations anymore. So here it is :

This is even *worse* than socialism. They not only did wealth redistribution, but the poor according to #s, many are employed & were former middle class!! The elites $$ made out like bandits, the middle class “dreams” turned into 1.5 homeless children sleeping in cars or worse, 9 million hungry sr. citizens, etc. The crooked banksters that caused this got off scott free, Eric Holder & deputy Lanny B. Worked for the big law firm white collar criminal DEFENSE before, LB is back working there!!!!

The 1% are the beneficiaries of the recovery, the *encouraging* jobs # just out, is not squaring with reality. It leaves out the ppl so distressed can’t even afford to look for work!! According to Investors Business Daily polls 26% of all households have unemployed that need work. That is 1 in 4 for those who were deprived of Common Core math (but probably did have a roof over your head when school age)!!!

The American dream is a living hell nightmare for 10’s of millions of Americans. Without Business being able to trust they are getting the truth, and knowing the crooks that crashed the World Economy have gotten riskier not honest by this administrations “Too Big To Jail” policies….they can’t risk funding job creation.

Moreover, former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, preparing his testimony for AIG trial going on now said…

The Banks had been WORSE than the Great Depression!!!!

Crooks & Liars have destroyed Democracy (according to a joint study by Princeton & Northwestern Universities America is not democracy/socialism etc we ARE an oligopoly…not even heading toward being one).

These filthy con ppl should stay away from our youth. They are corporate pimps & whores for $$$. The “disadvantaged & struggling” that bought the disastrous dream/hope/change lies were merely led into deeper & deadlier quality of life quick sands.

Jesus asked what Father if the child asks for fish or bread, would give a stone or a snake.

Snake oil salesmen are, for Great D.C. Fathers, that would p!ss on the graves of our Founding Fathers if they were Republicans. Libertarians they wouldn’t waste their time.

Pinellas County Dem’s threw black Rev. Sykes under the bus just this year for not knowing his place and wanting better.

If Dem’s wanted the GOP to soften, why do they work so hard to flip GOP that agree with them? God forbid they stayed in the Party & worked for change from within! It is about power & not race. The only colors they love are gold, silver, or USD “greenbacks”. I no longer see elephants or donkeys.

The parties today are BOTH full of sheep & goat experts. The one half to fleece us, the other half to milk us.

This is long winded but as Reagan once said “This is so foul as to make bile rise from my guts to the back of my throat.” Quote is approximate because tired of political correctors on both sides catching mini minnow errors & spinning them into tornadoes,

while completely ignoring killer whales devouring our young peoples future if the predator happens to have “their” party brand on its hide!!!


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