Watch “Seeing through “the banker’s new clothes”: Anat A…” on YouTube

Seeing through “the banker’s new clothes”: Anat A…:


When will we have the safety of a financial system that isn’t placing generations of Americans money at risk again?

According to this Professor, when people understand the problems and demand solutions. But shouldn’t this be tasked to our elected leaders? Especially to those who sit on special committees to focus on banking and other financial entities? In theory, yes. After all, it is hard enough to supervise our own personal finances, let alone be required to micro manage the public servants we hired to do the job, right?

Unfortunately, the sad news is the work isn’t being done. Our only recourse has been trying to make sense of the applicants campaigning to be hired every four years. Primarily based on information purchased and controlled by special interest groups, that have a vested and often conflicting interest in things not being done to correct the industry.

So we will have to ride shotgun, and be vigilant ourselves to see to it the work is done. Since the people can’t all move to D.C., and shouldn’t have to, our best recourse will be working through the state offices of the leadership we hire.

We have to become more involved, and better informed on what is going on. An election season is the worst time to try to get information and make educated decisions that have tremendous power over our daily lives, and future generations.

The good news is, this 15 minute video by a banking researcher, author, and educator Anat Admati from Stanford University is freely providing a lay persons informational talk for us. It is to our own financial peril that we don’t avail ourselves of this opportunity to listen, and learn.

Thank you for visiting this site, and giving the subject your serious attention. We are all in this together. Economics happen to be politically neutral. But it can be perverted and poisoned by those who attempt to influence policy in their favor, over the best interests of the consumers and citizens. It is a good investment to become informed !