Go Get You Some More of That.

From a Post I put on Facebook this Morning. In Answer to People that tell Me I Need to Wake My Ass Up and Embrace Their Latest Messiah:

The Next Time You Head North on Hwy 27, put your flashers on and pull up your passenger door within inches of the flimsy guardrail, right next to the drop off past LakeRidge Winery. Picture Your vehicle at the bottom of that cliff. Imagine it’s 2:00 in the morning, and nobody knows you’re down there dead.

I had to fight for my life on that patch of road right there. While you folks were sleeping, I had to crawl through the back because it was too close a call for me to even open the side slider door. I fished out my backpack & packed documents from 4 seperate briefcases. I didn’t care if I had to walk to my destination, I wasn’t giving America up without a fight. I slammed the back door, shouldered my pack, squared my shoulders, and stepped out into the pitch black dark.

All I heard from Democrats & Republicans alike was how corrupt D.C. was. Meanwhile I had to listen to guys like this brag about how they secretly ran everything :
He says that he has given to politicians not out of conviction, but because then they “do whatever the hell you want them to do.”

People tell me I need to wake up & jump on this bandwagon. I’ve hardly slept in 20 years fighting stone cold Enemies of Democracy. That believe America is for sale. That will look the camera dead on into your face and lie, and tell you *Exactly* what you want to hear. If you think the “Trump Administration” did a great job from 1989 to 2011 like he brags about here, fine. Go get yourself some more of it. Since apparently Americans slept through the first 25 years of the show.

They say in a fire, people wake up and take a big gasp of carbon monoxide. And fall back on the bed. Dead. America hasn’t fallen by guns. America woke up and took a big, desperate gulp of smoke. Dark money. Burned in satanic fires by bloody hands.