They’re “Sad as Hell and Not Going To Take it Anymore” ?


The River Was Bank Fraud. It’s Cracked the Bedrock of America’s Honor if this quote is The Government’s Attitude:

“Americans should never believe, even incorrectly, that one’s criminal activity will go unpunished simply because it was committed on behalf of a corporation.”

That is Total Bull Shit. Sorry to be offensive but the statement is beyond offensive.

This Link to a Government hearing is a $750,000 fine for bilking Florida Seniors $100 Million in 1993 by NationsBank a.k.a. Bank of America. Every YEAR they grew MORE brazen!

By March 2002 it was so corrupted, so violent against whistleblowers, and Fortune Magazine Cover blared “Enough is Enough, Send Them To Jail!”

But still 22 years later kickbacks, thinly veiled and touted as fines, are standard operating procedure.

This isn’t Democracy it’s Oligopoly. This isn’t Capitalism its Corruption. It isn’t Justice but a completed Tyrannical Coup. How Can Victims Be Restored to Wholeness When They’re Dead, or robbed 3 generations? A slow Tortuous Death between helping them, and letting Statutes of Limitations Play out for the New Regime of de facto Power. So the first CEO who is not an Entrepreneur, who is not a Commission Salesman, but an Employee just like the janitor, can become the 1st Too Big to Fail Banker in History to hit Billionaire Status.

Nixon et al look like choirboys and Madoff nearly a Saint aside the Men Who Threw America to Her knees. And Then Jumped On Her Back While She Was Down.


Disgusting. Tragic.