Frank Crawford


Frank Crawford, one of my editors has passed away.

A fierce patriot for the United States of America, Frank was also a brave and tireless warrior to restore integrity to the banking industry.


2 thoughts on “Frank Crawford

  1. For some odd reason I can’t get the keyboard to update Mary’s comment on the blogspot link above.

    So I will just update here. I would love for you to read it first because this is how it ended.

    The criminal court saw through the birthday card ruse, she didn’t hang for that. The trial this year was a verdict for $6million. It’s on appeal & they are still putting her through the wringer. Pray for her.

    Frank would have been so proud, it is a shame he didn’t live to hear.poor Mary prevailed. May he rest in peace.

  2. My, my, my, still the Mary McCulley saga continues! Not quite sure what happened, but I think they got her. If she is in prison, guess we will find out how she is doing in a year.

    As Matt Taibbi, former Rolling Stones Magazine calls “gangster bankers”, hope like heck she comes out healthy and not a daggone pine box.

    For such an old school *boring* industry, a lot of stuff goes on. Drama Central.

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