A Global Coup? Just (Part 2) of One Small Earth.


~ barbara cochlin
Writer from my cabin with a view
Sebring, FlĀ  July 28, 2015

So here is a recent view I put forward to my concerns for the American President’s words to the BBC this week

What a load of poop. #1 cause of death, according to WHO (World Health Organization) is poverty. 2nd, according to me, is ignorance. He just worries somebody’s going to cap one of his bankster billionaire buddies that :

A) Displaced 10 million Americans
B) Destroyed Black American Middle Class
C) Washes drug money, human trafficking, arms trafficking, and general “dirty” cash that kills or enslaves 10’s of millions of people.
D) Crashed the World Economy & made it be rebuilt on “funny money” cooking the books fraud.

Poverty kills. Haters kill. Banksters murder & kill. Stupid people kill. Cancers kill but guns are a tool. He needs to ask why the predatory lending (that he started as a young “activist” lawyer), made his hometown so murderous.

So here we are back to my questions distilled of a seventeen year Voyage on our wildly spinning little blue marble as viewed from my cabin

Is a Global Coup in play to manipulate the world economies by the international financial banks known as “too big to fail”?